Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record Player

Electrohome SignatureThe Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record Player is incredibly popular, despite being one of the priciest players we’ve reviewed. The reason for that is a gorgeous 1950s era design and a whole bunch of useful features.

A multi-functional design lets you play vinyl records in 3 sizes at 3 speeds, MP3 files via USB drive or aux-in port (for smartphones, tablets, etc.), CDs and AM/FM radio. You can also transfer your entire record collection a USB storage device so you’re never without it.



  • 20.1 by 16.3 by 14.3 inches: one of the larger players
  • Weighs 28 pounds: the heaviest player we reviewed
  • Analog tuning dial with amber lighting: easy to use in the dark
  • Rotary control knob and antique patina faceplate: beautiful classic elegance
  • Real wood handcrafted cabinet with rich walnut finish: looks great anywhere
  • Diamond-tipped ceramic needle: sounds better and protects your valuable records
  • Built-in tuned acoustic speaker chamber with 4 speakers: warm, rich, clear sound
  • Plays vinyl, CDs, MP3s and AM/FM radio: any format you might have
  • Plays 7, 10 and 12-inch vinyl discs at speeds of 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM: plays any record
  • Plays audio files from smartphones, tablets, etc: enjoy your whole music collection
  • Converts vinyl records into MP3: connect a USB drive and ensure your whole collection is safe forever


  • Upscale and elegant, reminiscent of the players from the 1950s and 60s
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Great sound quality
  • Convert vinyl into MP3 and stores them on external USB drives or other devices
  • Plays all record sizes at any speed
  • Plays CDs, MP3 files and AM/FM radio
  • Connects to external devices (iPhones, iPads, other tablets and smartphones, etc)


  • No headphone jack
  • No auxiliary output to connect external speakers
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Some users report wobbling when playing new records (a common complaint with most record players)

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Summary of Electrohome Signature Review

The Electrohome Signature costs more than other players, because it features a higher-quality construction and delivers a better performance. It also looks stunning with its classic retro design made from real wood with a rich walnut finish.

It plays 7, 10 and 12-inch vinyl discs at speeds of 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM, MP3 audio files (from USB devices or tablets, phones, etc.), CDs and AM/FM radio. It can save your entire vinyl collection in MP3 format to ensure you’ll be able to enjoy those unique vinyl sounds anytime and anywhere.

4 powerful speakers inside a tuned acoustic chamber fill your room with the warm, rich tones of vinyl or the crystal clear sounds of digital music.

The main drawbacks are the lack of a headphone jack and RCA line-out plugs. The built-in speakers are your only option. They re excellent, but it would be nice to have the ability to connect external speakers. And not being able to listen to music privately via headphones is a huge oversight. It also lacks Bluetooth connectivity.

Overall, you get top-notch sound quality and a durable and multi-functional unit. Yes, you spend a little more, but in return, you get a lot more.



The two closest alternatives to the Electrohome Signature are the Pyle PTCD56UBWD record player stereo system and the Victrola VTA-750B Nostalgic Aviator 7-in-1 Turntable Wooden Entertainment Center.

Both of these products have a similar vintage look and they also have built-in speakers and can be connected to a number of external devices. But there are some key differences.

The Pyle PTCD56UBWD record player stereo system is smaller, lighter and much less expensive than the Signature. In addition to playing all the same formats, it is also equipped with Bluetooth, a headphone jack and RCA line-out jacks.

The reason for the lower price is lower quality. The unit feels less sturdy and well-built. More important, the built-in speakers don’t come close to the sound quality of the Signature. Of course, that’s not an issue if you have external speakers. Remember, you can’t use those with the signature since it has neither RCA nor headphone jacks.

The Victrola VTA-750B Nostalgic Aviator Turntable Entertainment Center is slightly larger than the Pyle and weighs about as much as the Signature.

Like the Pyle, it has Bluetooth technology and a headphone jacks, but it does not have RCA jacks. If you want to use external speakers with the Victrola, you have to connect them via the headphone jack.

The Victrola plays all of the same music formats as the other two, plus it has a cassette player and it is capable of recording both vinyl and cassette files directly onto a CD without the need of a computer. In terms of quality, it is a step up from the Pyle, but still lags behind the Signature, especially when it comes to the speakers.



The Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record Player is easily the highest quality player among the options that feature a 1950s inspired retro design.

Is it the player for you?

Well, that depends on whether you need the missing features.

It does not have bluetooth or a headphone jack. If you want either of those, you’ll need to chose between the Pyle and the Victrola. If you want to connect external speakers via RCA cables, the Pyle is your only option. If you have a large cassette collection, the Victrola makes the most sense.

But if you want an all-in-one unit with high-quality built-in speakers and a 1950s look, the Electrohome Signature is easily the best choice. It more than makes up for the higher price with a much higher build and sound quality.

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  • Updated August 18, 2017
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